We have been there. We have been at home recovering from surgery, sick from chemo, going through the stuff you never thought your life would be about. We deeply appreciated all of the generosity of friends and colleagues and family. But the reality is, that a table full of flowers just wilted and died while I remained at home in bed. The fruit from those beautiful arrangements spoiled, when it was too much all at once and I couldn’t even eat. And the soup, really, there can be too much soup.

Hence, the Unexpected Gift Box. This is what you can send. It arrives every month (or just once if you choose) right to the recipient’s door, no need to be home or to get up out of bed to receive it. And it is filled with quality products tailored to the cancer experience, curated by some savvy gals who have been there.

The Unexpected Gift Box is a gorgeous subscription box that brightens the days and months of someone going through cancer. Because let’s face it, cancer is rarely a one or two week deal. With this service you can have a tailored box filled with high quality products designed to help with the physical and emotional effects of cancer sent out every month.

Our story


Excited to be here in bringing this service to you and so grateful to be here on this earth. We met in the spring of 2014 in our “young women with breast cancer” support group. And what a lot has happened since then! Between the two of us we have been through some pretty wild rides including a second cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, multiple surgeries, a divorce and a chronic illness diagnosis. Oh, and let’s not forget quitting the full-time job for something that feels so much more meaningful and important.

We are Tara Torchia and Kristina Hunter and along with Kristina’s husband AJ, we are the Unexpected Gift Box. It is a take off on the store located in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada The Unexpected Gift that provides products and services for women and men going through cancer and other serious illnesses. Through the Unexpected Gift Box we can help bring products that that provide meaningful impact to people going through cancer.